Dr Art Hister

Dr. Art Hister

Dr. Art Hister, a full time “media doctor” since 1991, has worked as a health analyst for many media outlets including the BBC, CBC radio and TV, and BCTV’s Global News. He has also consulted for several health and wellness organizations including the BC Government, the First Nations Health Authority, the BC Alzheimer Society, the Tapestry Foundation, and the Urology Foundation at Vancouver General Hospital.

His proudest achievement, though, besides the fact that he really was at Woodstock, is his wonderful family: his wife, Phyllis Simon, owner of Vancouver Kidsbooks to whom he has been married for 46 years, his two fabulous sons Jonah and Tim, his wonderful daughter-in-law, Aviva, and especially his gorgeous, talented, genius, amazingly athletic and utterly captivating grandchildren, 5-year-old-going-on-15 Masha, 4-year-old, Henry, and the newest addition, baby Monty George.

Dr Art, his wife Phyllis and Tonka

Phyllis, Tonka and Dr. Art at the
Sechelt Paws For A Cause

Dr Art and the Stanley Cup

Me and a friend!
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