Watch Out: Why vaccinating against measles is so important

The World Health Organization reported in March that measles was spreading throughout Europe, and at that time WHO had a particular concern about Italy and Romania, a country in which measles had already resulted in the deaths of 17 people over the previous few months.

Sadly, the situation has just become worse since then with the death toll (as of 10 days ago) from measles in Romania, a country that has significant problems with the delivery of first-rate health care especially immunizations, now at 31, and there will surely be more over the next while.

As well, according to WHO, Italy alone accounts for an astounding 43 % of measles cases in Europe.

Why does Italy have such a high proportion of European cases of measles?

Mostly, the experts claim, because of anti-vaxxers refusing to have their children (or themselves) fully immunized.


Dreadfully sad – shamefully sad – but true: a nearly-completely preventable illness is still killing way way way too many kids.