Bring on the cheese

Although most North American experts try their hardest to warn us off consuming much of any form of saturated fats, which includes of course, yummy cheese (no desert can ever beat un peu de fromage bleu or a choice chip of cheddar), a recent review from Europe, where there is not nearly as tight a consensus against all forms of saturated fats,  especially not against those delicious cheeses so many European countries have been producing for centuries, found (quel suprise!)  “no associations between total dairy, high- and low-fat dairy, milk and health outcomes including all-cause mortality, CHD or CVD”.

In plainer English, looking at many studies and putting the data together, these researchers found no link between eating dairy products and a higher risk of heart disease or premature death.

In fact, based mostly on one study this research included, cheese consumption had a slightly positive effect on life expectancy, although it’s always important to point out that no one should ever take the results of a single study as definitive of anything.

Bottom line: at worst, eating cheese has little effect on major health outcomes including on how long you will live.

As a cheese lover, though, I must point out that you are likely to die much happier if you’ve allowed yourself to consume Bresse Bleu or burrata (or countless others) regularly throughout your life.