Watch Out: Bird flu has not flown the coop

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists the so-called bird flu (aka H7N9 flu) as one of the major pandemic threats to humanity worrying that if that form of flu, found primarily in chickens, becomes more easily transmittable to humans, we would be in for a terrible time because currently this form of flu, on the odd occasions it does get transmitted to humans, is very deadly.

Right now, the death rate from bird flu is roughly 40 % although one has to take into account that most of the people who get bird flu (often poor chicken handlers in China) may have other risks that raise the chances of dying: poor health, poor health care, poor circumstances, etc, so it’s clearly quite hard to predict how deadly this virus would be in more developed parts of the world, although it’s not likely to be much better.

The thing that’s worrying WHO is that bird flu cases are on the rise again this year after having leveled off for a couple of years, and as usual, no one really knows why.

There are currently no vaccines available for

Anyway, just another Watch Out item to lead to more sleepless nights, if, that is, you worry about such things.