Update: Measles

If you’re considering traveling to Europe this summer, next summer, or whenever, listen up.

I know it’s not quite on a par with information about the Louvre (boring! One hour max and then these is much more to see in Paris) or the Trevi Fountain (fabulous but oh! So crowded so watch your wallet but that’s true everywhere in Rome), but an advisory from the CDC (the one in the US, not the one in BC) warns that you should make sure that you are up-to-date on your measles vaccines before going over there.
Of course, people of my generation are nearly all protected because we all very likely had measles as kids in that pre-measles vaccination era.

Young adults, however, are not as likely to be protected.

Many of them got a shot of a measles vaccine on one occasion but did not get a booster, which is now known to be crucial in maintaining immunity.

And then there are the increasing number of people whose parents did not get them vaccinated against measles even once – one of the many things that as a world traveler you can hold against your parents, and you should well into your own old age (and beyond theirs).

So remember, measles is not to be taken lightly: it can kill, and there’s the added key issue that if you happen to get infected, you are likely to infect many others you come in contact with well before you even discover you have measles.

And some of those who get measles from you will get very sick. Or worse. Hey, happy travels.