Easy way to better health

The bulk of things that medical experts advise, especially in their conclusions to published studies, are usually either cumbersome or bathed in a bunch of restrictions.

So for once, it was lovely to see a very simple un-bathed recommendation for better health from an update in the fabulous ongoing EPIC-Norfolk Study.

This update about older people and exercise concluded that there is one easy and great way to get more exercise: Get a dog.

And as someone who has been owned by 3 dogs, I can attest to their exercise-inducing capacity: they don’t care if there’s a blizzard outside, they don’t care how sorry you are feeling for yourself, or how busy you are – when they need to go for a walk, they need to go for a walk, and if you’re smart, you attend to those needs ASAP.

Or as lead author, Dr Andy Jones, wisely put it, “Dog walking is driven by the needs of the animal. Being driven by something other than our own needs might be a really potent motivator (for doing more than you want to do).”