Watch out: Sleeping too much may lead to nightmares

A survey of 850 people published in the New Scientist concludes that as one would expect, worrying too much is linked to a higher rate of nightmares (or as my awake-at-2 AM wife now calls them, Trumpmares).

But surprisingly, at least among the people in this survey, sleeping more than 9 hours a night also leads to a higher number of nightmares.

Why would longer sleep produce more nightmares?

As usual, the researchers have no real idea (although also as usual, that’s not what they would admit to).

But they guess that sleeping longer increases the amount of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep a sleeper gets, and REM sleep has been linked to a higher rate if nightmares.

So if you have periodic nightmares, would sleeping less reduce their frequency?

See sentence number 4 above.