Watch Out: If you have a celiac in the family

As an expert on celiac disease (CD) – everyone considers themselves an expert on anything they have and I happen to have CD – two important facts keeps hitting me over and over, especially as my family enlarges.

The first is that CD runs in families.

So, it’s been stated that if you have CD, a first-degree family member of yours has at least a 10 % chance of also having CD.

That’s a pretty high risk and argues for pretty close monitoring of first degree family members.

What’s also important to remember is that since CD is an auto-immune disorder (AID), it tends to significantly increase the risk of other AIDs.

Or looked at from the other end, if you have other AIDs, you should also consider the possibility that you may already have or you may eventually develop CD.

So, for example, although only 1 % of the overall population has the AID type 1 diabetes (T1D), it’s been estimated that 5 % of people with T1D also have CD, although surprisingly in a report in Diabetes Care, online June 29, the researchers concluded that among young people, these numbers can vary quite a lot depending on where people live, and somewhat with gender, too.

The bottom line, however, is still this: CD is often over-looked as a source of health problems and people with any AID should be quite vigilant about that link.