Potatoes: First, the good news

The proverbial good news/bad news split over a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition about eating potatoes.

The great good news is that in this study of over 400 middle-aged and older adults followed for 8 years, the researchers “found no link between white potato consumption and mortality”, which in English means, eating lots of potatoes does not increase your chances of dying early, a really nice thing to learn if you’re a spud-lover like me.

But as usual, there’s also the ever-present bad news side to this study: this positive finding on life expectancy does not apply, this research found, if you eat a lot of my favourite form of spud so that apparently heavier consumption of fried potatoes in these subjects more than doubled the risk of premature death.

To be honest, I took that latter finding with a few grains of salt (and some ketchup) scattered onto the bowl of French fries I was eating at the time I read this news.

Moderation, moderation, moderation.