Watch Out: Your Ipad may be ruining your sleep

We all do it – read computers, laptops, notepads, cellular phones before trying to sleep – even though we know we shouldn’t because many studies have implicated the blue light emitted by such gadgets as interfering with sleep – harder to fall asleep, waking more often, waking early, etc.

So you will all probably ignore this new study but it really merits your attention.

At the University of Haifa in Israel, researchers recruited 27 volunteers and based on intricate sleep and metabolic measurements concluded that using blue light gadgets for up to 3 hours before bed time – that’s 3 hours, not 3 minutes – reduced total amount of sleep (yawn!), made falling asleep more difficult (double yawn!), and significantly lowered melatonin levels (ditto!).

So also no surprise that the volunteers complained of being more tired on mornings after they had indulged in blue light reading than on mornings after they had read stuff using other sources of light besides blue light.

But for this aging male whose equally rapidly-aging friends (some aging even mnore rapidly but I shall not name names) all seem to be suddenly complaining of an inability to get a full night’s sleep because they are waking much more often than they used to, the key discovery in this research is that using blue light gadgets for up to 3 hours before bed time also resulted in much more sleep interruption.

Anyway, bottom line: no news feed about the latest mishugas from Trump on your notepad, no sudoku, no crossword puzzle, is worth losing sleep over.