Tell, tell, tell

According to an online report in the journal, Pediatrics and reported on the HealthDay website, depending on the severity and chronicity of a particular medical problem, anywhere from 10-50 of kids have been given “complementary” medical therapies by their parents.

That’s not the problem.

The real problem, according to this report, is that many of the parents who employ complementary therapies for their kids are afraid to tell the kids’ doctors about their use of such therapies because they – the parents – fear potential “censure or ridicule” from the doctors if they confess to doing something the doctors might not approve of.

Which is crazy: although he or she may disagree with what a patient has chosen to do, no doctor should ever ridicule or censure anyone trying to improve their situation, especially when it comes to most chronic conditions for which we have such generally overall less-than-terrific therapeutic options.

So, always tell your doctor about anything you might be taking or giving your kids because it might sometimes impact the choices the doctors have offered you.

But never accept anything except a polite discussion about your choices.