The privileges of royalty

According to an article in Vanity Fair (which has also been reported by several other news sites), there may be a simple reason the amazing 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is still going so strong: her alcohol intake.

As I reported in another post, low to moderate alcohol intake was related in a recent excellent large study to a longer life expectancy (this is an average, of course, so some people don’t get that benefit, but the majority do) and has often been related to better health outcomes, this despite the fact that alcohol is a known potent carcinogen so raises the risk for some cancers.

Still, overall, until it changes, the current consensus seems to be that a bit of alcohol (1-2 glasses of wine per day is the usual standard) improves your odds of living longer and in better health, although heavier alcohol intake is nearly always linked to poorer health outcomes.

So then there’s the Queen.

Apparently, Elizabeth starts every day with a glass of gin (some reports claimed it was a tall glass, but hey, she can afford big glasses) mixed with a double shot of Dubonnet.

Now, I used to drink Dubbonet regularly at one time – I loved its bitterness – and maybe it was just me but I have to say that a double dose of Dubonnet was enough to muddle my thinking considerably.

But then I’m not a Queen.

Thing is, for the Queen, that gin/Dubonnet hit is just a start.

Apparently, the Queen also has a gin martini with lunch, followed by a glass of wine, and although the reports did not say, I’d guess that that glass is closer to a 9 ouncer than to the more standard 4-5 ounce glass that is more likely to be enjoyed by commoners who have to pay for all the wine they drink.

Finally, to end the day, the Queen has a glass of champagne.

And I’ll bet she sleeps very well (well, at least until she has to sign the final Brexit papers).

Gotta love that lady: The epitome of what a head-of-state should be (Trump is at the other end of that spectrum).

Hope she lives to 120.

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