Diet may be as good as meds for some types of reflux

If you’re one of those millions of people using one of the many available proton pump inhibitors (PPI) out there to treat your gastroesophageal reflux and you’re not sure about what you can do for yourself to discontinue the use of this potentially very problematic medication, you will likely be very interested in a new study published in JAMA Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery that concluded that for the patients in that study with a specific type of reflux called laryngopharyngeal reflux (when the acid from the stomach not only refluxes into the esophagus but actually travels much higher to irritate the larynx), a plant-based, Mediterranean-style diet was actually a bit more effective than PPIs in reducing the symptoms of the reflux, at least in some patients in this study.

The trick is, however, that the people on this diet had to rigorously stick with the diet – very little cheating – which consisted mostly of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts (along with alkaline water) and very, very, very little dairy and meats.

If you ask me, if I have to give up meat and dairy, I prefer to take my chances with my PPI.