More good news about statins

If you’re an aging male doctor, the good news from a recent study is that a statin drug, something nearly every aging male doctor I know is taking in some form, can significantly raise your risk of living longer (18 % longer life expectancy in this study), and just as important, also lower your risk of cardiovascular illness, so that as you age, you have a lower risk of those last bunch of years spent – with your grandkids, on the golf course, looking for condos to downsize to, just snoozing – being affected adversely by a stroke or heart failure.

Those were the most recent main findings from a review of the health status of over 7000 docs who had had no heart disease diagnosed at their enrollment in the still-ongoing Physicians’ Health Study.

But what if you’re not lucky enough to be an aging male doctor?

Actually, there should be no real reason that a male doctor would have any greater benefit from a statin drug than any other male, and probably no real reason these same positive results wouldn’t accrue to women as well.

I know statins get a real internet roasting from some – and these kind of results never seem to convince the non-believers – but the more we study these very-prevalent drugs, the more we seem to find that for the vast majority of people, the known benefits of statins outweigh the potential risks.