Eat fruit: it may help your brain

A recent study from Japan highlighted the fact that to a certain extent at least, your brain may be what you eat.

In other words, that if you eat well, there’s a better chance your brain will stay well, too.

This study looked at over 13,000 people living in Ohsaki City who were 65 years and older and followed them up after 6 years to see who had developed dementia.

The study found that those people who consumed citrus fruits on a daily basis reduced their risk of dementia by around 15 %.

There may of course be all sorts of confounding variables here that the researchers did not pick up on – people who make sure to eat fruit every day may be more obsessive, for example, they may shop more, they may talk to grocers more – and so on but even so, why not just take it at face value and make sure to eat an orange or add a lemon or lime to something every day, like fabulous lime-rich guacamole, for example? (Those millenials may be on to something with their avocado toast).

Seems a pretty easy, pain-free thing to do and even if it doesn’t reduce your eventual risk of dementia, it will still add joy to your life, guaranteed.