Worst idea of the year: Low-fat avocados

Full disclosure: I love love love avocados, yes, even as that millenial joke of avocado toast, but way more as an easy-to-use fruit that you can eat on its own or with another fruit like tomatoes and a bit of really good olive oil vinaigrette dressing poured on top; simply yummy – so a story out recently was a real downer for me.

Apparently, a Spanish company has come up with an avocado that is – hold on, please – low-fat.

Yup, even though the fat in an avocado is not only the best part but probably also the part that makes it so healthy and why so many people are eating avocados now, some marketing geniuses have bought the idea that the world (and North Americans especially) will buy anything that claims to be low-fat, so they will now produce lower-fat avocados to fill that niche, even though this manipulation will undoubtedly do for avocados what the same approach has done for all other low-fat products – think cheese, yogurt, chips, skinless chicken, you name it – namely take nearly all the good taste out.

Trust me here, reader: Eating fewer avocados is very unlikely to help you shed too many grams.

But it will certainly make your meals far less interesting, and you’re likely to eat less salad and compensate by eating more of something else that ultimately makes you gain weight.

Stick with real avocados, and avoid the too-skinny Victoria Beckham-style avocados about to hit your market.