Greenery is good for ya

I’ve written this before but it always bears repeating: One of the best things you can do for yourself is to expose yourself to greenery.

As much and as often as you can because there is clearly something very helpful to your well-being about being in nature as much as possible although as ever, we are not sure what that something is – perhaps it’s just the most evolutionary retro thing you can do; or maybe it’s the more peaceful surrounding; or maybe it’s just being away from your usual stressors.

Whatever it is, it’s there, for sure.

So no surprise that according to a study from the University of New Brunswick that tracked the health outcomes for 1.3 million Canadians living in 30 urban centres (or very similar to the number of young Canadians, mostly from the east, that tend to jump on a Blue Jays’ or Raptors’ bandwagon when there is even a slight hint of success) concluded that as the amount of greenery in people’s surroundings increased, their chances of dying from “natural causes” went down in direct proportion to that measure.

One warning, though: If you believe that moving into a tree house in rural Nova Scotia is your best bet to live forever, that’s not really the answer (to start, falling out of trees is a huge health hazard, as are raccoons and even the weather).

The real meaning of this study is that you should take as much time out as you can to slow down a bit and walk in a park, go on a camping trip, or just sit in a green space and consider things: Way way way better, I’m sure, than what you’re doing now instead.