Wasting eye drops

I recently had a cataract operations that was accompanied by a several-week regimen of taking eye drops several times every day, and although I focussed hard on doing the job right, I spilled more eye drops onto my cheeks than I managed to get into my eyes.

Yes, I am a klutz but that had nothing to do with this: It’s much more that eye drop containers are manufactured for you to spill fluid, and according to a report on the propublica.org web site, that’s exactly what the manufacturers of eye drops mean to do: Get you to waste a terrific amount of the stuff they sell you.

When contacted by the reporters, a spokesperson for one of the main eye drug makers responded that “the drops include a “margin of safety” to ensure patients get enough of the drug in their eyes”, which is about as ridiculous an answer as any spokesperson, even Sean Spicer or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has ever come up with, and that’s saying a lot.

I mean, just imagine if oil companies took a similar stand about the gas they sell you for your car?

Or the Hydro people about the gas you get for your house?

Or even pharma companies that make those pills we nearly all take and which can cause all sorts of complications if the dosing is inexact.

Interestingly, just yesterday on a follow-up eye doc visit, as I was reaching for the Kleenex as a preventive measure, the nurse showed me that the vial of eye drops she was going to give me ensures that only one drop spills out at a time.

In other words, just like “they” could have long ago made a light bulb that lasts your entire life instead of the ones that burned out regularly, the eye drop makers could long ago have made vials that spill out only the necessary amount of medication.

But they don’t cuz they are just like Mr. Coleman, the reputed inventor of table-ready mustard: It was said – very accurately – that he made much more money from what was left on the plate than what was eaten with the weekly roast beef.