Watch Out: Too many tests, too many meds, too many interventions

Even many doctors think that doctors are over-treating, over-prescribing, and generally doing too many unnecessary things that can turn out to be detrimental to the health of their patients.

Thus, in a survey of over 2000 American doctors from all sorts of specialties which was published in PLOS One, those docs who replied to this survey claimed that roughly 20 % of all medical care was “unnecessary” including roughly 22% of prescriptions and 25 % of tests.

And although this is an American survey, there is no reason to believe that it’s too much different up here.

Why is intervention so rampant?

“Fear of law suits”, was the main answer, which is a really weird response when you have to consider that even in the litigious-happy US of A, only 2-3 % of patients ever sue.

Anyway, the key take-away message here – and it’s a very important one – is that in every medical situation, we should always ask a a lot of questions about the necessity of whatever we are advised or told to do.

You’d be amazed at how many orders or meds or tests will then be dropped.