Watch Out: Cook your meat well

We lose muscle power as we age – the term for that is sarcopenia – and the common claim is that this occurs at roughly 8-10 % per decade (higher, of course, in those who do less exercise), and that it accelerates after the age of 70.

No one really knows why this happens of course but according to the good news from a recent very small study (10 participants) published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, we may be able to slow the process a bit.

According to these French researchers, in seniors, protein assimilation – how much of the protein you consume that actually gets into your tissues – is greater when consuming fully cooked meat as opposed to consuming rare meat, and protein in muscle tissue may help slow its steady decline.

Of course, no one but the French eat rare meat but it’s still worth bearing in mind that if you wanna get the best bang out of your buck (yes, deer meat but also cow meat and chicken and moose, too, I suppose), it’s best to opt for a well-done version rather than the tartare version.