Canadian Deprescribing Network

A very large proportion (probably most) of the emails I get concern a medications (or several medications) that the emailer is not sure they should be taking, and from the (limited) information the emailer usually can provide, it invariably seems to me that the writer is right to question the continuing use of that medication.

This seems to me especially true for those of us who are usually described as “aging” (but isn’t everyone?), but which is usually applied these days to baby boomers, who are often prescribed a drug (or three) for side effects from another drug that they are taking, and these days, too, so many of the drugs we boomers take are for the rest of our lives.

But far too often, prescriptions for medications are simply renewed (again and again and again) without questioning the continued need for those meds.

So I am very happy to give a boost to a group of health care pros called the Canadian Deprescribing Network who are determined to get everyone – but perhaps especially doctors, who after all, are the gateway keepers for prescribed medication use, to at least ask some questions about these easily-repeated prescriptions.

Everything these days has a label or brand so the label for what these health care pros are doing is called “deprescribing”, and as their web site, deprescribingnetwork.ca, puts it, “Deprescribing is the planned and supervised process of reducing or stopping medications that may no longer be of benefit or may be causing harm.”

So if you’re one of the millions who is taking any medication long-term that you have questions about – and you should question every long-term use of any medication because knowledge and personal situations change – then pay this site a visit.

Which would really help me cuz it is likely to cut back on some of the emails I get.