Statins work even better if . . .

According to the conclusions of a recent study out of Italy in the International Journal of Cardiology, if you’re one of the millions and millions of people out there taking a statin drug, you might get a much better bang for your buck if you combine it with a stricter adherence to the much-praised Mediterranean diet.

In this study of just nearly 1200 people, those people who combined a stain with adherence to a Mediterranean diet had a significantly lower risk of all sorts of nasty cardiovascular complications than those people who did not adhere to such a diet.

I suppose that a cynic might argue that it’s really no surprise that an Italian-based study would promote a Mediterranean diet but to be fair, many studies from all over the world show similar results so I would take these results at face value – just another affirmation of the benefits of eating lots of veggies, fruits, beans, legumes, some meat, and some dairy as opposed to a western-style diet of lots of meat and prepared foods, which are invariably loaded with fats, sugars, salt, and unhealthy carbs.

Also, if you’re on a statin and you adhere to a healthy diet, there’s a good chance based on these results that you might be able to lower the dose of the statin you take, and that would be welcome news for all those people out there who are leery about statins because of potential side effects.