Stick with it

Second day of the new year so studies suggest that lots of you are already wavering in your commitment to a healthy new lifestyle.

And some of you have even moved beyond wavering – you’ve actually stopped working out or watching what you eat on this second day of the year.

So here’s a common sense tip from someone who’s probably failed at these resolutions more than you: The reason so many people fail in their sudden resolve to live healthier is that they’ve simply aimed too high – either too fast or too much change.

You do not need to be ready to do a marathon on Feb 1 if you’ve spent the last 7 years mainly binge-watching Netflix.

You do not need to avoid even a glance at the meat section of the market just because you mean to eat more veggies.

Start low, go slow, and be patient.

Great advice for lots of life’s joys.

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