Non-sugar sweeteners: Meh

A review of 56 published studies in The BMJ (which once used to be known as the British Medical Journal but everything medical is now reduced to abbreviations) has concluded that non-sugar sweeteners are like nearly of us, that is, neither good nor bad.

In other words, people who use lots of non-sugar sweeteners don’t seem to gain much in the way of important health benefits – not much help in terms of controlling weight, not much help in lowering the risk of chronic illness.

On the ubiquitous other hand, however, according to this review, people who use a lot of non-sugar sweeteners don’t seem to suffer any higher rate of significant negative health consequences as a result of their choice of sweetener.

The usual health-study conclusion, I guess: no one-size-fits-all formula so what you decide to do is totally up to your beliefs.