Whatever happened to . . .

Garcinia cambogia!

Remember way back when, at least 2 years ago, maybe as long as 3, when something called garcinia cambogia became an instant internet sensation for weight loss simply because that medical huckster knows as Dr. Oz plugged this supplement heavily as weight loss treatment.

And suddenly, millions of people were sucked into buying a product for which there was very little proof of efficacy (meaning that no good study had ever proved it worked short-term, let alone long-term) .

There was also, of course, absolutely no study showing this supplement was safe or what dose to take or how long to take it or whether to combine it with food or anything else you would want to know before spending hard-earned money on this crap shoot, but that clearly didn’t stop lots of people investing in it.

So what happened to all those people?

Are they now much slimmer?


Are lots of people still taking Garcinia cambogia!?

Is anyone taking it?

Reason I ask is that I’ve seen absolutely nothing about this (not sure what to call it) bunkum (sound like the best option) so if anyone has seen any news about it or if anyone out there is still using it and is happy with the result – or not – please let me know.