Stay fit, stay healthy

Even more proof – as if we needed any -that fitness is directly linked to better health in a straight line.

That is, the more fit you are – at any age – the lower your risk of major chronic illnesses and the greater chance you have of being alive when your grandkids get into Harvard or join a punk rock band – in Kyrgyzstan.

In a study of over 4000 low-risk Norwegians followed for nine years which was just published in the European Heart Journal, the authors conclude that there is “a strong link between higher fitness levels and a lower risk of heart attack”.

Specifically, of the 147 individuals who suffered a heart attack or angina in the 9 years of the study, “the top 25 % of the most fit individuals (had) only half as high a risk as the least fit 25 %”.

The best news from this unsurprising study?

Even a small increase in fitness leads to a substantial drop in risk.

In other words, what are you waiting for?