You Need to Do This: Get Fully Immunized

Perhaps the best overall reason to get yourself and your family fully immunized is your contribution to the general welfare of the population, especially to the most vulnerable out there.

And I am aiming this particularly at the thousands, perhaps millions, of thoughtful and caring adults (especially millenials, it seems) who are concerned about saving the planet by going vegan and avoiding meat, by recycling as much as they can, air-drying their dishes and clothes, refusing anything that ‘s packaged, and generally doing all those to-do list things that are supposed to make this a healthier planet, but who have decided that they don’t trust vaccines enough to get them for their kids, and besides, their kids will benefit anyway from the high levels of vaccination in the rest of the population, so why risk the very very small risk associated with getting themselves or their kids immunized.

Well, according to a study published in the journal, JAMA Pediatrics, 16% of pediatric organ transplant recipients individuals “had at least 1 hospitalization for a vaccine-preventable infection in the first 5 years after transplant.”

You read that right: about 1 in 6 kids who gets an organ transplant and who consequently has to take drugs to suppress their immune response is hospitalized within 5 years for a condition that should be preventable if enough people out there were fully immunized.

You wanna do the most for world?

Get all your immunizations up to par.