You Should Do This: Eat more eggs

To me, eggs are as perfect a food item as there is.

Easy to make – no one, not even the most terrible cook – can screw up egg dishes.

And so many ways to make great eggs dishes.

Pretty cheap.

Go with nearly any other dish you wanna make.

Easy to store, and for weeks, to boot.

Easy to find when you’re stuck in practically any decent grocery.

No need to defrost.

And most important, taste great.

But among nutrition experts, over the years, eggs have been a controversial food item, sometimes praised, but much more often criticized, most notoriously linked to higher risks of heart attacks and strokes ostensibly because eggs are so cholesterol-rich.

But according to a study reviewed in Medscape Family Medicine, eating eggs regularly might help lower your risk of ending up with Type 2 diabetes, and that might in turn lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes, common complications of T2D.

In this study from Finland, middle-aged men who claimed to be eating one egg a day had a lower risk of eventually developing T2D than men who ate fewer eggs.

But even if you’re not likely to develop T2D, if you’ve sworn off eggs because of the bad rap they’ve had over the years, perhaps it’s time for you to reassess your negative stance.

Trust me: Your palate will thank you if you do.