Hate all those pee stops? Me too but it may actually be a good thing

Every male over 50 knows (or soon will know) that you never leave on a road trip without trying to learn the location of all the roadside rest stops.

Either that, or only travel between towns that have a Starbucks outlet where you can always find a clean enough rest room (for most men, “clean enough” means a urinal that isn’t plugged with gum and maybe a sink, although the latter is certainly not compulsory).

That’s because one of the many banes of old age for men is an enlarging prostate, a gland that starts growing in midlife and eventually enlarges in 100 % of men if we live long enough.

But according to a recent study, that awful feeling of “I don’t know if I can hold it much longer” may actually be a consequence of a good thing because according to this computer simulation study (not really sure how you simulate an enlarged prostate on a computer but I’ll take the researchers word that they did do just that), a gradually enlarging prostate may help keep prostate cancer at bay.

That’s because the prostate can swell only so much in a limited space, so the gradual swelling puts force on the other prostate cells which can apparently prevent prostate cancer cells from growing much or spreading.

So I’ll try to repeat this mantra – It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing, it’s a good thing” – the next time I go visit my grandkids in Seattle and the rest stop at Smokey Point is closed so I have to hold it in for another very slow 40 miles.