Watch Out: If you like diet drinks

A study just published in the journal, Circulation, is worrisome news for anyone who loves their diet drinks.

In this study of over 80,000 post-menopausal women, regular consumption of diet drinks (defined as 2 or more diet drinks a day) was linked to a significantly increased risk of strokes.


Could be something in the artificial sweeteners; ot it could be that older women who choose to consume a lot of diet drinks are more prone to strokes anyway so it’s not the diet drinks per se that raise the risk of strokes; or it could be that people who consume a lot of diet drinks don’t consume other more healthy anti-stroke foods and beverages.

Whatever it is, it is, so best to go easy on diet drinks.

Which makes sense to me even even if you’re not a post-menopausal female.

Why not try more coffee instead?

Lots of anti-oxidants in coffee, after all.