Yet another situation in which antibiotics may do more harm than good

You’d think that if anyone needed antibiotics in hospital, it would be people like me, those suffer from with asthma and are thus at higher risk of serious lung infections, and who should, you would think, be especially needy of an antibiotic when hospitalized for an asthmatic exacerbation

In fact, most doctors think that’s true which is why many asthmatics, likely most, get antibiotics when they are hospitalized with asthma exacerbations.

Well, if you’d think that, you’d be wrong, it seems.

In what is yet another cautionary report about the overuse of antibiotics, IN a study published recently in JAMA Internal Medicine researchers found that asthmatics in hospital who received antibiotics during an asthma exacerbation actually had longer hospital stays than those who didn’t get an antibiotic.

Or as the researchers wrote, “Antibiotic treatment in patients with asthma exacerbations . . . lacks evidence for effectiveness and it may be harmful.”

As it does in so many other situations.