Best mantra for a longer life: Sit less, move more

Prolonged sitting is bad for you.

And every day it seems an new study comes out confirming that fact.

In the latest report from something called the OPACH study, a group of researchers set out to analyze the activity level (or lack of same) of over 5500 post-menopausal women who had not had a heart attack or stroke, and then the researchers followed them for about 5 years.

Their conclusion?

Every extra hour each day spent not sitting led to a significantly lower risk of heart disease. (Editorial comment: duhhh!)

But what should really make this register with you is that according to the data in this study, that lower risk from just not sitting as much as usual was better that than the lewered risk you’d get with the best medication out there.

And for me, one of the happier notes about these findings is that time spent being more active didn’t have to come in one huge binge which means that you don’t have to run 2 K or more likely drive to the gym for a cardio workout to lower your risk of heart disease.

In fact, any activity done many times during the day (instead of sitting) was beneficial towards cardiovascular health in these women.

Bottom line is dead simple: Get off your bottom. As often as you can.