Berry berry good news

A study in the over-named publication, The Journals of Gerontology Series A – has concluded that consuming blueberries regularly can lower blood pressure just as well as most blood pressure medications can.

In this study, 40 healthy volunteers given a blueberry concoction to drink every day had their systolic blood pressure levels (that’s the upper number of the blood pressure reading) go down by about 5 mg, and the effect apparently lasted for a month after they stopped drinking the blueberry juice.

The researchers go on to say that this kind of response could reduce the average person’s risk of heart disease and stroke by about 20 % if done over a lifetime, which is way preferable, if you ask me, to taking pills every day.

The researchers do not discuss any potential downsides to this kind of intervention – and I can’t honestly think of any except perhaps for the stains on your clothes and furniture from occasionally spilling some of the stuff (or is that just me?) – so that’s an easy peasy something I think that everyone should give serious thought to taking up, especially those, I suggest who already have high blood pressure.