Old drugs might still be effective

Several studies have concluded that many drugs are still quite effective well past their expiration dates (so are people, but that’s another matter).

So it’s no surprise, I think, that another small study done on 5 drugs used in Antarctica, to where it’s not a small thing to have to lug in new supplies, has come to the same conclusion.

So for lots of drugs, you can probably safely use them past their expiration date.

There are at least 2 key caveats to the widespread use of this approach.

First, a few drugs are said to become toxic over time, so it would be important to find out if your drug is one of them before proceeding to use it years beyond its expiry date).

And very important, for any drug that you use for potentially life-limiting situations – insulin, for example, or heart disease, or cancer – it’s best to stick with the expiration date on the container.

That’s just common sense.