Make room for mushrooms

Although you have undoubtedly run into lots of articles and health news stories touting kale(yuk!) or cabbage or tomatoes or fish or avocados to lower the risk of all sorts of chronic health problems, especially dementia, I doubt you will have come across too many articles promoting mushrooms as a food that might lower the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Yet over the last couple of years, at least a couple of studies have done just that – touted mushrooms as a way to prevent MCI.

The latest study was done in several hundred seniors in Singapore and concluded that those seniors who ate mushrooms twice a week (any kind of mushrooms, now that you ask) had a lower risk of MCI than those seniors who didn’t eat any mushrooms.

So are mushrooms a key to keeping your brain functions intact as you get older?

Well, clearly a few small studies can’t establish that it’s definitely mushrooms that should get the credit in these brain-intact seniors – there are way too many possible variables in these kid of studies – but hey, what’s the risk in eating more mushrooms?

And if you need a little more enticing, keep in mind that mushrooms sauteed in butter are not only delicious, they are also exceedingly easy to prepare.