How best to prevent a hip fracture

it is true that falling is a preventable health problem.

And as I posted earlier, everyone should work on trying to prevent a fall, especially I suggest, by doing exercises to regain a better sense of balance since balance is like all senses and worsens with age.

But even if you have excellent balance, you may still fall, and among the pretty bad potential consequences of a fall, a hip fracture (nearly always a result of osteoporosis or OP) is one of the worst since studies tell us that a woman who breaks a hip has a 20-25 % chance of dying from that fracture within the next few months (the numbers are even worse for men although overall, men are significantly less likely to suffer a hip fracture than a woman of similar age).

And as everyone should know by now, the best way to prevent an osteoporosis-related hip fracture is to keep the hip bones healthy by doing regular weight-bearing exercise, which should start as early in life as possible, of course, but like most healthy lifestyle adjustments, it’s never too late to start.

But you don’t have to do hard exercising to strengthen your hips – any regular weight-bearing activity should help.

And to underline that fact – that regular weight-bearing activities lower the risk of osteoporosis-related hip fracture – a newly-released study (of more than 77,000 women enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative) from State University of New York in Buffalo has concluded that older women who do just about any physical activity – walking, light jogging, even yard work (I just finished an hour of raking leaves and trust me, it’s not light exercise) – reduce their risk of hip fracture.