Millenials may be on to something

Millennials are not nearly as clueless as so many of my generation like to believe.

Take, for example, the relatively recent focus on avocados as a key element of a healthy diet, which as we all know, is a real thing for millennials in the form of avocado toast.

So as I say, there is a lot to this focus: Avocado toast is indeed delicious, if you only use decent avocados, of course, avocado oil is a healthy oil, and avocado oil has the added advantage of not smoking at the lower temperatures that olive oil smokes at.

And now, according to a press release from Penn State, a study has determined that eating avocados can even lead to much improved cholesterol levels, while a second study published in the Journal of Nutrition concluded that eating avocados was be linked to significantly better metabolic health.

The usual caveats apply to these reports, of course.

The first study was small – 45 patients in all – and done nly over a few weeks, while the second study was based on people answering a survey about what they eat, which is always an iffy way to get data.

That said, avocados taste good, they are filling, and aside from the price and the need to be very picky when buying them and the fact they are somewhat calorific, there is absolutely no downside that I can see from eating more avocados, yes, even when spread on toast.

But for heaven’s sake: Don’t take pictures of your toast to send your friends: We don’t care what you’re eating.