Grandma is getting high

According to an intriguing study from Statistics Canada (well, intriguing to me anyway since this is about my age cohort), the fastest-growing segment of the population using cannabis is seniors, this phenomenon kicking in after cannabis use was legalized in the True North Strong and High.

But before you scare yourself into an apoplectic fit by picturing hordes of seniors in medical scooters rushing by you puffing on doobies, you should know that seniors still represent a small proportion of overall cannabis users in Canada compared to younger Canadians (no kidding!)

But the reason for this large uptick in senior dope-smokers is totally understandable: They are using it to try to deal with medical problems that traditional medicine doesn’t seem to be able to do much about, conditions like chronic pain and chronic anxiety.

Not that anyone will listen to me but the mandatory caution I have to add here is that if you look at the published literature carefully, there is really very little good evidence that cannabi works for any of these problems, especially since there are few criteria for type of cannabis to use, dosage, mode of use, frequency of use, etc.

As ever, buyer beware. And Buyer, don’t drive after use.