Instead of reading this, you might do better by just going for a walk

According to an intriguing study published recently in the journal, Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions, all it takes to improve your brain, or at least to retard its slow and perhaps not inevitable decline, is to go for a short walk.

How short?

Well, according to these researchers, a 10 minute walk is enough to improve cognitive function.

In this study, the researchers assessed 2,770 participants in the famous Framingham Heart Study that has been going on since 1948 and which is now into its 3rd generation of participants.

And what they found is that a 10-20 minute daily walk helped preserve brain function in both middle-aged and older adults, although there was a bit of a difference between the two groups according to age so that middle-aged adults benefited more from more vigorous activity while older adults benefited more from the duration of the activity, that is, vigorous activity didn’t help us oldies as much as just being a bit active for a longer period of time.

Still not sure what all that means?

Easy to remedy: Just go for a short walk and then you’ll be able to understand it easily.