More pro-java ammunition

Coffee is a health drink. Period.

And the newest piece of evidence in favour of coffee is a study published in the British Journal of Cancer that concluded that compared to people who avoid coffee, coffee drinkers have a significantly lower risk (up to 50 % lower) of being diagnosed with the most common type of liver cancer, and although liver cancer has not been a huge problem in North America, it is increasing in prevalence so that anything that lowers that risk is welcome news.

And drinking coffee regularly appears to lower that risk, and what’s particularly interesting about that conclusion is that this study was done in the UK where the bulk of people enrolled in the study were drinking that awful brew (well, to me, at least) known as instant coffee so it’s very likely that those of us who like real coffee – espressos and the like, – would likely get an even greater benefit on our livers than those muddy water drinkers did.


Probably because coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants.

And water, of course, is not.

Just sayin’