Good news for seniors who want to be more active but . . .

Electric-assisted bikes (EAB) have become quite the rage the last few years (full disclosure: I’ve never been on one) and every single cyclist I’ve ever met on an electric-assisted bike has enthused about their machine.

That said, traditional cyclists have often looked down their noses at these EAB’s with the charge (pardon that pun, please) that the bikes may help a tired old geezer get up a hill but they really can’t give you the same workout as can a traditional non-assisted bike.

Well, maybe they can.

According to an intriguing recent study from BYU, EABs bikes might be able to offer as good a workout as conventional bikes can

And the researchers came to this conclusion, would you believe, by comparing workouts on traditional mountain bikes with their assisted mountain-bike counterparts and concluded that workouts on both types of bikes led to pretty similar increases in heart rate and intensity.

What’s more, though, they also concluded that the cyclists using assisted bikes enjoyed the workouts more than the guys on the other bikes. No kidding!

Bottom line: You can get a good workout on an assisted bike – if you want to. And if you don’t want to, you will still make it up the hill more easily than the guy pedalling harder on the conventional bike just behind you. And your smile might be greater.