How quickly things change

Wanna know how quickly viruses mutate to become resistant to medication?

Well, even if you don’t wanna know, read on because this is a really, really serious issue.

This is from the Endpoint New website: “In 2018, Shionogi rolled out Xofluza in Japan as a one-dose kill for influenza, with Roche following suit in the US”.

And now, still from Endpoint News, “a new study in Nature confirms the drug leads to specific mutations that may hamper its promise to neutralize the virus in a single dose.”

In other words, this very-smart virus (although to be fair, all viruses are very smart, which is why they’re gonna be here long, long after we’re gone), has mutated so that it’s no longer nearly as sensitive to this 18-month-old drug, and all indications – that’s my prediction, not that of the authors of the study , who like all authors, hedge their bets – are that the drug will likely be close to useless in the near future.

And still , we continue to overuse our antivirals and and our anti-bacterial drugs as if they will always be there when we need them.

They won’t, and that day is coming much sooner than later, alas.