Another thing to worry about with eczema

I have atopic eczema, and although my case is quite mild, it still bothers me quite a bit with itching (especially in unexpected places, and at unexpected times).

So I understand the frustration that eczematous people have to put up with and I’m sorry to add to their burdens, which also include added higher risks to other atopic conditions like asthma, but it’s important to know that a recent study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has concluded that eczema is also related to a higher risk of fracture, and the more severe the eczema, the higher the risk.


Well, the most likely answer is that the steroid creams that are the mainstay of eczema treatment might be more absorbed than we have been led to believe, and steroids are known to lead to osteoporosis, which is, of course, the main root cause of fractures.

Or not.

However, the bottom line is that if you have eczema, you should pay special attention to bone health (you should do that even if you don’t have eczema, but you know what I mean), especially before the age at which fractures become a real concern.