Yet another confirmation that moderation is always best

Adequate hydration is important for good health, although you certainly don’t have to blindly follow the mantra of 8 glasses of water a day.

There is nothing magical about water – if you ask me, coffee is a much healthier liquid to consume – and there is especially nothing magical about the number 8: Drink to not be thirsty and you’ll do fine since so many of the foods we self-consciously healthy people eat are loaded with liquid.

But the elderly are different in a way in that lots of seniors can’t as easily tell that they are thirsty as younger people can, so it’s no surprise to me that a study from Penn State has confirmed that lots of older people are mildly dehydrated.

And as a consequence, women don’t perform as well on tests of cognition as when they are adequately hydrated (for some reason that the study authors can’t account for, being adequately hydrated played no role in the men’s test results).

The surprise in that study, though, is that senior women who were over-hydrated also did more poorly on cognitive testing as a r3sult of being over-loaded with fluids.

Bottom line is the same-old, same-old: When it comes to hydration, moderation is key.