Heart-warming study for all us grandparents

Just in time to add some holiday cheer to us older folks who take care of our grandkids from time to time (or even very often), a study published in the BMJ Open on Dec 18 has concluded that caring for grandkids is actually beneficial to the grandparents in that this study of nearly 4000 older people concluded that grandparents who care for grandkids are more social and less lonely, both of which can help lead to a happier, healthier and a longer life.

Now, if you want to be Grinchy, you could say that it’s actually very likely that grandparents who are more social and less isolated to begin with are those grandparents who are more likely to care for a grandchild.

Of course that may be true, and I think it very likely is true, but as Rosie told Archie in The African Queen “Nevertheless.”

By which I mean that nearly anyone who’s ever spent some time with a grandchild can confirm that this association never fails to draw you out of yourself, which is a pretty good definition, I’d argue, for being less lonely and being more social.

Way more tired, too, of course, but well worth the fatigue.