Easy, peasy way to reduce your anxiety

According to some research published in the journal Psychophysiology, if you write out a list of your anxieties, you brain will then be able to focus on more important tasks, such as, I suppose, worrying about things you weren’t worried about before I told you it’s time to star a worry list.

Or to put this in millennial-speak, you can “offload” your worries by writing them down, thus allowing you to “free up” brain space which then allows your brain to “multitask”, assuming of course, that you want your brain to be doing more than one thing at a time, which for most of us, is not a good thing to wish for given how hard it is for us to do even one thing at a time successfully.

Anyway, worth a try, I guess, so make a list of your current anxieties – and no fair just typing out “Trump” multiple times – and see if you can’t chew an apple and watch Netflix simultaneously much more effectively than you did before typing that list.