You may need different glasses than the ones you have

An interesting study about the vision of older people in Sweden has just been published in Acta Ophthalmologica, and this may be you, if you are over 70 (and no, you don’t have to be Swedish, just what they are euphemistically now calling a “young old”).

In this study, 1,200 residents of Gothenburg answered a special “self-reported ocular morbidity questionnaire” (in non-Swedish English, this means they reported how well – or not – they could see) and also reported about how they felt “their everyday lives were being affected – or not – by vision problems.”

So while the vast majority reported their vision was fine and didn’t affect them adversely at all, over 60 % actually had the wrong eyeglass prescription (or no eyeglass prescription at all in some cases); in other words, a large majority of these people would have benefited from a proper eye exam and an appropriate set of glasses.

Why does this matter?

Simple: Poor vision (or under-corrected vision improvement) is a significant cause of a falls in seniors, not to mention it’s a significant hazard on the road, whether the person with poor vision is a driver or a pedestrian

Bottom line is pretty simple: Older people – and I am one s – need to have their vision checked periodically, even if they feel their vision is OK – seems they are often wrong.