Splain this, if you can, Lucy

So everyone should know by now that alcohol is a pretty potent carcinogen.

But in fact, according to a recent American survey only about 25 % of people know that alcohol raises the risk of cancer.

So let me repeat: Alcohol raises the risk of many cancers, perhaps most notoriously breast cancer (“notoriously” because at least 5 highly-publicized, highly-reported studies have come to a similar conclusion, namely that the more alcohol a woman drinks over her lifetime, the higher her risk of breast cancer, which makes limiting alcohol intake one of the most important breast cancer prevention strategies a woman can employ.

But here’s the thing: Surely the one group of people who know about the link between cancer and alcohol intake – and who would be cutting their alcohol intake – are people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

But not so.

Thus according to a recent American survey, 56 % of Americans with a cancer diagnosis are current alcohol drinkers, and 35 % of them drink “exceed moderate consumption levels”.

Just goes to show, I guess, how hard it is for most people to give up alcohol.