Smell your way to better brain health? Maybe

Ran across this interesting bit of information from a study done in Germany and published in the International Journal of Geriatric Society.

It’s all to do with the intriguing theory t that “smell training” may help prevent or perhaps even slow the progress of dementia.

In this small un-blinded study of 91 people, some of whom got “smell training” (learning to identify new smells) and some of whom served as a control group (smell-free, as it were, but who were told to do Sudoku instead), the researchers concluded that compared to the control group, after 5 months the smellers showed “improved verbal function and subjective well‐being” as well as “a decrease of depressive symptoms,” not a bad result for a study where the only cost may have been some bottles of lavender and fruits.

Anyway, the bottom line is that there is no reason in the world not to try to improve your sense of smell, which like all senses, decreases a lot with age.