Yet another sign the kids are not doing so well

According to a new study from the US, the rate of ischemic strokes (ones caused by a blood clot to the brain as opposed to hemorrhagic strokes which aer due to burst blood vessels in the brain) are increasing among a group you don’t ordinarily associate with strokes, namely women during their pregnancies or in their immediate post-pregnancy period.

And the reason for that can only be described as depressing because it’s due, the authors suggest, to risk factors for stroke increasing among this group of women compared to women a few years ago.

So compared with women who did not have an acute stroke (or a TIA, which is commonly called a -mini-stroke or a stroke-in-waiting) during their pregnancies or shortly after, those who did suffer such an event were older (especially if the women were over 45 years old), more likely to be obese, smokers, and to be suffering more often from high blood pressure, diabetes, and/or abnormal cholesterol levels.

Can’t say it often enough: If you don’t take care of yourself when you’re young, a doctor (or more often, many docs) will have to take care of you when you’re older, or as this study suggests, for a lot of people, alas, not that much older.